Instant Quote Estimate Forms and Cost Calculators for WordPress

There’s nothing I like more than turning spreadsheets of prices and calculations into beautiful and easy to use instant quote forms for your website. Having an estimate or quote form on your website allows you to instantly provide your customer with a price or bring them into the sales flow and get all the information in a format that works for you and allows you to create their quote.

I’ve built many instant estimate systems, from simple on-page forms to complex multi-step systems with conditional logic, payment processing and integration with external CRMs such as Infusionsoft and BigChange. I’ve built them for all kinds of industries, from carpet cleaners to waste management skip hire companies, from kitchen fitters to accountants and printers.

Examples of Instant Quote Systems

Printing Company Instant Estimate Form

I built a system which provided an on-screen estimate of printing costs across a range of products including business cards, leaflets and posters. The quote took into account things like the number of pages, the size of the document and the thickness of the substrate. It calculated a range of prices based on quantity discounting and then adjusted the final price based on how quick the customer wanted it.

Skip Hire and Waste Management Pricing Tool

I’ve built a number of quote systems for the skip hire and waste management industry from small simple “Select Your Skip Size” forms to a full customer onboarding system with multiple pricing options based on volume or item, with regional cost adjustments based on their postcode and a full booking flow including taking the payment via WooCommerce and sending the job details to their BigChange software.

Accountant Services Selection Tool

I built a services selection tool for an accountant to use in their client face-to-face meetings that allowed them to choose the services the client needed and customise them. It would then calculate each service cost and generate an itemised quote for the client with their initial costs, ongoing monthly costs and a catchup cost if they were part way into the financial year. The staff member could then adjust the prices there and then if they needed to provide discounts to win the client. Once completed, it would generate a PDF of the pricing along with details about each service which the client would receive by email with a button to accept and generate letters of engagement. This tool was then adapted and formed the basis of a SaaS product which was later acquired by a FTSE 100 company.

Boiler Purchase and Installation Cost Calculator

I’ve built an estimate tool for a number of plumbing companies that asked the visitor a number of questions about their boiler setup, including if they’d like to move it or change the type of boiler. Once they’ve gone through the question flow, it would take the answers (water flow, size of house etc.) and show the range of boilers that would work along with the boiler price and the installation price based on the services that were needed (eg moving a boiler, changing a flue etc.). They could then purchase the boiler and service through WooCommerce or send the information through a Gravity Form to generate the quote via email and start the sales process with the office.

Carpet Cleaning Instant Quote Tool

I built an instant quote tool for a franchise of carpet cleaners across the country, this involved creating set packages or choosing specific services, rooms and providing the size of each room as well as additional upholstery cleaning services and upsells. The quote was then generated and shown on screen with an option to email it to themselves.

Loft Conversion Discovery Form

In addition to providing an instant quote, I’ve built a number of question based flowchart style forms that allow the company to have all the information they need to generate an accurate quote. This is the case with a loft conversion company I built a tool for, this company was able to ask for important information like sizings and features they’d like in a step-by-step form and then the information was provided in a table via email for the company to produce a manual quote.

House Rewire Price Calculator

The system I built for an electrician allowed the customer to choose their house layout including the number of each room which loaded a list of services for each room that they could select including sockets and lighting. They could then add some additional items and provide some details about their house to generate their itemised quote.

And many more

These are examples of the most popular instant quote systems I’ve built on WordPress over the last 15 years, however I have built many more including simple calculators like my Stamp Duty and Mortgage Calculator WordPress plugins which has been used on hundreds of websites.


Does it need to be WordPress?

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I tend to use WordPress as the base of the tool as it’s so extendable with contact forms, payment processing and the like. However if your main website isn’t WordPress then I should be able to built it on a separate area with WordPress and feed that into your current website.

Each system is different and built from scratch so it depends on what you need and how complicated your pricing structure or question flow is. As an example though, a simple on-page instant quote system with a few fields and a quantity based calculation could be around £500. Whereas, an advanced system with multiple question flows, conditional logic, multiple product types with different calculations for each, integrated with a payment system like WooCommerce, and further integrated to an external CRM such as Infusionsoft could be around £5k – £10k.

What contact forms can you integrate?

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Pretty much any contact form will work, however my go-to one is Gravity Forms as it’s the most advanced and can be tweaked to do most things.

Can the system take payments?

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As I build my quote tools on WordPress, we have an almost unlimited number of options for the post-quote process. For payments we tend to suggest using WooCommerce which provides a full basket and checkout flow which can be fully customised to how you want it to look and function. We can integrate directly payment processors such as PayPal or Stripe.

Can I change the prices later?

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This depends on how we set up the quote tool. If you want to be able to tweak prices then this can normally be built into the system but there are some cases especially in more complex systems where changing one price can impact a whole host of other prices so we determine the best route of customisation of pricing during the specification process before the project starts.

Are there any ongoing costs or is it a one-off payment?

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This depends, I offer a number of support packages to give you peace of mind for ongoing maintenance and support. However if you’re happy without needing support or just paying for ad-hoc support then it’ll be a one-off cost.

Does this come with a support SLA?

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If the system needs to have support (mainly if it’s a more complex setup) then I can provide a range of SLA’s and support services to give you the peace of mind that changes in pricing or issues with the system are sorted within a timely manner.

I'm not a WordPress expert, will that be a problem?

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WordPress is really easy to use and I’ll always provide support in getting you set up on the system if you need it.

Do you provide the services outside of the UK?

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No, I’m afraid not. I only work with UK based individuals and organisations.

I'm a WordPress developer, do you offer this as a white-label service?

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Yes, in fact most of my clients use me on a white-label basis. Any code I produce will not have reference to me in the client-facing parts (plugin name, description, options etc.) however there may be references in the code to me as the developer.

The process

If you’re interested in this service and you’re a UK based organisation then the next step is to get in touch by sending me an email to with details about what you’d like, examples of systems you like if you have any and details of the pricing calculation (ideally a spreadsheet with the specific prices/calculations).

I’ll then get back to you as soon as possible with any questions or a quote for the work.

After that, if you’re interested in proceeding then I’ll put together a more formal specification so you have a clear idea of the work that will be carried out and if required arrange a call to discuss further.

Get in touch