UK based Spektrix WordPress Plugin and Integration Service

Spektrix is a popular ticketing system used by many arts, culture and entertainment venues. After building a number of integrations between Spektrix and WordPress, I developed a WordPress plugin which forms the basis of my integration service.

The plugin provides syncing of events from the Spektrix software to your website and keeps them up to date. On top of this I offer integration services to ensure that the whole ticket buying process is seamless.

Key features of the WordPress plugin

Seamless event syncing

The plugin will check for changes to events on Spektrix at regular intervals and update the website with any changes, ensuring that your events listings on your site are always correct.

Events post type

Spektrix events are imported into a custom post type and attributes such as categories use taxonomies within WordPress. This gives you complete control over the content and able to enhance the events display.

What's On pages

Events are displayed in a grid on your website and can be filtered by date and Spektrix attributes, venues and more. My integration service can take this further with additional filtering such as for accessible performances.

Cleanup of old events

Once an event has happened or is removed from Spektrix, the plugin will handle the clean up. Initially the event will unpublish itself and then will delete itself on the next cleanup action.

iFrame booking process

Once a buyer clicks the buy button on an event, the iFrame booking process will kick in. I offer an integration service for styling these iFrames to match your website styling.

Memberships & merchandise

All the Spektrix web components are available in the plugin allowing for easy adding of memberships, merchandise, gift vouchers and more.

Accept donations

The donation form included in the plugin allows for complete customisation including choosing which amounts to offer and choosing specific funds to donate to.

Sign up forms

The standard sign up form is available in the plugin so you can allow for easy email signups from visitors to your website.

SEO friendly

The plugin uses a post type for the events so that each event has it’s own post within WordPress including an SEO friendly URL. You can also add additional content to an event in WordPress.

Easy templating

If you’re a web developer or you have a web developer, they can easily customise the design of the various elements with CSS and the templates can be overridden from your theme.

Works with page builders

All of the elements have shortcodes that you can use anywhere on the website. This also means that they are compatible with all page builders, simple drop the shortcode into any element.

Support and updates

My plugin requires a yearly support and updates fee. This gives peace of mind that you will be provided with support if things aren’t working as they should and that any changes to the API will be reflected in an updated plugin.

Additional integration services

Every website is different and so the WordPress plugin forms a nice basis for the integration but on top of the plugin I offer full integration services to get the booking process exactly how you want it. Below are examples of some of what I can do.

iFrame styling

Ensuring that the booking flow within the iFrames matches the styling on your website is important to build trust and brand awareness with your visitors. If when they click the book button, the website suddenly changes fonts, colours etc. it can cause confusion. Spektrix allows customising of the iFrame’s content with CSS, this means that we can change fonts, colours, buttons etc. to match the rest of your website. We can’t move things around or add elements within the iFrames but we can tweak how things look to make it fit in better.

Find out more details about my Spektrix CSS iFrame Design service here.

Styling events listings on your website

As a WordPress developer for 15 years, I have extensive experience in building WordPress websites, and therefore am able to style the plugin on your website directly. This can include things like custom event listing grids, custom filtering, integrating with other plugins including merging event plugins, enhancing the events pages by adding additional components and much more.

Multiple venue or venue splitting

If you use your Spektrix account to manage multiple venues, I can customise the integration to only bring in events from specific venues, filter between venues or I can build specific event listings pages for each venue.

Custom sign up forms

If you have multiple mailing lists within Spektrix then I can create specific sign up forms for this.

And much more

Whether it’s custom seating charts, upselling of events or memberships in the checkout flow, providing day ticket functionality or anything else you can think of, it’s highly likely that I can help!


Can I just purchase the plugin?

Read more about Can I just purchase the plugin?

Yes, if you do not need any of the additional integration services then you can just use the plugin. The plugin has an initial purchase and setup fee and then a yearly support and updates fee from the second year which will still need to be paid.

I don’t go into specific details on pricing on the website because most of my clients have integration services which are specific to them so please get in touch if you’re interested and I’ll send you a document which outlines the process and the costs associated with the various options. However, for general price guidance, the plugin has a base cost of £500 for the first year and then £250 for the support and updates each year.

I'm not a WordPress expert, will that be a problem?

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Most of the users of the plugin have come to me through their web developer, this is ideally the best process as they’re best placed to help with the integration process or will just use the plugin and set it up for you. However, if you are not a web developer or don’t have access to a web developer I should still be able to help you get the plugin set up on your website.

Are there any ongoing costs or is it a one-off payment?

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The integration services will all be one-off costs and quoted prior to any work. The plugin has a setup cost of £500 and then a yearly support and updates fee which needs to be paid to continue receiving support and updates, this fee is £250/year and kicks in on the anniversary date of the setup payment.

Do you provide the plugin or services outside of the UK?

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No, I’m afraid not. I only work with and provide my products to UK based individuals and organisations.

Can I use your plugin on a white-label basis?

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Yes, in fact a number of users of the plugin do this. The plugin doesn’t have any reference to me in the client-facing parts (plugin name, description, options etc.) however there are references in the code to me and this website still.

I'm tendering for a contract, can I use you as part of the process?

Read more about I'm tendering for a contract, can I use you as part of the process?

I often get asked if I will come on board to a tendering contract. I’m afraid I do not do this as it often ends up being a conflict of interest as each time an organisation puts out a tender for their website which requires Spektrix and WordPress experience, I receive a number of emails from agencies asking if I’ll be part of the tender. If I accepted one of those then I couldn’t accept another and so I just have a blanket approach of saying no to all tenders. You are more than welcome to include in your tender application that you may be using my plugin and services, however you cannot claim that I’m a developer employed by you.

Does this come with a support SLA?

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I provide comprehensive support for my plugins and will try my very best to jump on issues asap. Normally if you’re having an issue with my plugin then it’s likely that others are also having the same issue so it’s in my interest to fix those issues very quickly. I tend to work 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday so during office hours will jump on issues or reply to questions fairly quickly but I am just one person so can’t offer 24/7 support. For the small print on my plugin offering please check out the terms and conditions here.

Do you offer just the iFrames CSS styling?

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Yes, if you already have Spektrix integrated and just want to get the iFrames styled to match your website then I can provide that service without the need for using my plugin. I have a page with specific details on this service here.

I have multiple websites, do you offer discounts?

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Yes, I can discount on the plugin fees if you have multiple websites, however integration work is charged based on time it will take to complete so that can’t be discounted.

The process

If you’re interested in the plugin and/or integration service and you’re a UK based organisation then the next step is to get in touch by sending me an email to with details about your and/or your client’s organisation and what kind of services you’re interested in.

I’ll then provide you with a more in-depth document that has details on the process and the costs associated with it.

After that, if you’re interested in proceeding then I’ll either set up a demo for you to check out the plugin, answer any questions and if required arrange a call to discuss further.

Get in touch