Custom Interactive Map Design

I produce interactive maps built with SVG imaging. I take your current map design or sketch and outline and illustrate each element and bring them together with code to make an interactive map where users can interact by clicking or filtering the elements.

I create maps for all kinds of use cases, so whether you need a county area selection map for your estate agent site, an interactive plot site plan for your new build housing development or an interactive layout plan for your shopping centre, park or resort I can help.

On this page you’ll see some examples of the kind of maps I can create, however I can make pretty much anything into an interactive tool, so if there’s something specific you need, please get in touch. Pretty much any image can be converted into an interactive version.

Geographical SVG interactive maps for counties, parishes, towns and cities.

This is the most common interactive map I design, mainly for councils, estate agents and tourism websites, they are perfect for users to easily select areas that they want to filter information by. Each part of the map can be styled differently and we can pinpoint specific points in addition to areas. Here’s an example of one I did for the Kent region.

Interactive site plot map for housing developments.

In new housing developments, it’s important to show off the various plots within the development as well as amenities and routes. In this example plot map you can see that each plot is numbered and shows whether they are still available or not. You can also filter by the plot availability and the number of bedrooms and on clicking a plot more information will be displayed.

The map has an external admin system which allows the developers to set the status, price and information of each plot on the site plan so it can be kept up to date.

Other interactive SVG maps and layouts

Museum layout

Showcase what exhibitions are in which rooms, where the toilets are, accessibility routes and more with an interactive site plan for museums.

Shopping centre

Filter shops by type and display and search across multiple floors.

Parks, zoos and resorts

Similar to museums, you can use an interactive map to show areas of the parks, where each ride is in a theme park or where the animals live in a zoo.

Golf and mini golf course

Show the routes around your golf course, where the amenities are and additional information about each hole.


How much does this cost?

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Each map is quoted based on how long I think it will take to produce, the number of elements on the map, how complex each element is and any additional interactive functionality such as filtering and searching. But to give you an idea of pricing, of the two examples on this page, the county map would be about £200 and the new housing development site plan would be about £600.

Can I change elements myself later?

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As the maps are all drawn out manually, you won’t be able to adjust the layout without coming back to me to make the changes. However, if the map uses live data, for example the properties on a new house building plan need to have the correct sales status, then this is normally handled via a JSON file which can either be edited directly if you have the technical expertise or I’ll build an admin panel to allow you to edit that data as and when you need to.

What are the payment terms?

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A deposit of 50% will be required prior to any work starting on the map, with the final 50% due on completion prior to the files being handed over.

This depends on how much work is involved, if I have enough information to get started and my current workload. If everything is ready to go, then I aim to complete most maps within 2 weeks. If you have any specific deadlines then please let me know these when you get in touch.

How do I install it on my website?

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Each website is different so when we start work, I’ll check what technology your website uses and advise on how to install it. On some sites you’ll have full code access which means that you can load it directly on the website, however on some you may need to load it through an iframe.

Ready to get started?

If you’re interested in this service and you’re a UK based organisation then the next step is to get in touch by sending me an email to with details of what you’d like and any images that will help me to put together a quote.

I’ll then get back to you as soon as possible with any questions or a quote for the work.

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